How Charlottesville demands we up our Parenting game

We can do better.

The events in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA this past week have really fueled my fire.  It has got me thinking really, really deeply.  And just to be clear, I live in Canada, but I’d be naive to think that hatred and violence could never happen here for similar reasons.

Racism is so evil.  Hating someone based on nothing but their race is impossible for me to understand.  Religious persecution is evil.  Sexism.  Patriarchy.  To see someone as less than you.  Seeing yourself as more entitled.

With that backdrop, how do we even begin to start a discussion?  Where’s the common ground?  How can we get to a point where each side can truly see the other, to understand the other, to see each other with compassion and as fellow human beings?

It feels too big a mountain.  Too hard.


And when I think of my children.  It all scares me to the core.

Is this the world we want to give to our children?

Certainly, the answer must be no.

But how in the heck can we, as individuals, make any difference?

Ugh.  Those are BIG questions.  And I don’t know the answers to them.

However, I do know that discrimination of any kind is learnt.  So following that logic - don’t despair just yet :)

If something can be learnt, then we, as a society, can choose what to teach.  We can choose to teach the opposite - inclusion and acceptance of all human beings.  To focus on love and not hate.

And for better or for worse, lifelong learning starts at home.  So, we as parents are all on the hook.

And for me, this idea feels more empowering.  In fact, it feels like individuals do hold a lot of potential for changing the world.  Especially parents.  And the world is full of parents and families of all types.

I hope the responsibility compels us to reflect on our actions and our words.  To leave our egos at the door.  To find common ground.  To cut people slack.  To forgive.  To listen.  To heal our inner child.  To bring our best self to all you do.

To aim to understand that we are all in this together.

To choose love over hate.  To stand for something.  To stand for a united human race.  To stand for love.

The future of the world depends on it.  Where elected leadership fails to set a moral example, we need to pick up the slack.  We need to do this for our kids!

Take good care - it's a jungle out there :)


PS.  if you want to expand your reach into your communities, see this article for more ideas.

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