Imagine a World where this is Reality

I hope that one day, all families of separation/divorce can truly live each of these items wholeheartedly.

1) I believe that you can genuinely love/care about your ex-spouse.  You can fully respect them and have a peaceful relationship that includes a healthy dose of respect and loving care.  You have a lot of history together and you both have a serious interest in raising your children.

2) I believe you love your children more than life itself.  Everything you do - and especially, and likely most difficult at the beginning, how you relate to your ex-spouse - should come from a heart drenched in the love of your children.  How can you hate your ex when your kids think he/she is as awesome as you?

3) I believe amazing things can happen when you act from a place of love.  It's all about love.  Always.  No matter what the circumstance or scenario.  Do you react from a place of love or hate?  It's entirely up to you.  Even if the other person is being totally shitty.  How you respond is always your choice.

4) I believe children will thrive when they are free, and encouraged, to love both their parents and their extended families.  Imagine the openness that flows from positive relations with all family members.  Just because their parents divorce doesn't mean the children love some of their extended family any more or less.  Don't put up walls or pick sides.  Let them be free to have relationships with all of their family members.  They need the community and sense of belonging.

5) I believe separation/divorce can be a MAJOR growth experience for the better.  Take the heartache and lessons learned and use them for good! :)  Be brave and face your fears.  Dig Deep and do your hard work.  This experience will free you if you let it!  Happy divorced parents are immensely better than unhappy married parents!

6) I believe a family can have two homes and can include an ex-spouse, children, step-parents, step-siblings, half siblings, 2nd marriages, ex-in-laws, new in-laws, new friends, old friends!  Simply put: everyone you and your kids love!  The more people you have around you, who can contribute positively to your children's well-being, the better your kids will be for it all!

7) I believe the world can be dramatically changed for the better when families are filled with love, respect, appreciation and openness - two homes and all!  Society needs to view all forms of families in a positive light.

Now, for the fun part! :)  Let's take action - after reading and reflecting on this post - which item can you continue to improve upon for yourself and your family?  Leave a comment below, sharing which item you are committing to improve upon - we'll be here to encourage and support you!

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