Create Happiness!  Effectively Co-parent!  

COMING SOON!  New membership site for parents who are Separated or Divorced

Finally a community for parents in the same situation!  This amazing membership site will include:

  • Monthly Themes ranging from co-parenting, loneliness, self-confidence, money -- to name a few.  There will be an activity sheet each month for more personal reflection and deeper learning. 
  • Monthly live Q&A calls with life coach, Lisa Nicol (www.lisanicol.ca) - to walk you through any fear and overwhelm!  Know this -- YOU are NOT Alone.     
  • closed facebook group to build online community of parents.

Working through a dark time in your life will be so much easier with community support and new insights into the various themes that each Separated/Divorced parent has to sort through!     

Be excited and optimistic about your life again!   

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