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 Divorce Formula Membership Site  *COMING SOON!*:  

This is the most amazing offering I have!!  It combines group coaching calls, with an online community of parents who are all Separated or Divorced - so the shared experiences makes the connection between parents instant, which is so powerful!

This will Change Your life. 

Get on the wait list now, to become a founding member and I'll see you on the inside :)


 1:1 Coaching Services: 

Personalized Coaching, just me and you!  This will allow you to dive deeper into living your dreams and move on from the stress of your marriage ending, to feeling inspired about the future - it is going to be amazing! :)  Connect with me on email: for a free 30 minute sample session!  It can be done over the phone, facetime, skype, in person (if you're in the Ottawa area) - just to name a few :)




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