Dear Kids, I hope your dad and I don’t fall short - Intentions for Co-parenting Success!

Dear kids,

Thank-you.  Your unconditional love has been invaluable.  It has softened the way your dad and I relate to each other as co-parents.  We both want to make you proud.

No matter who’s weekend it is, if your activities are double booked, then the parent who’s ‘off’ pitches in to drive you to your activity, or a visit with friends, or an appointment.  We are a team for you kids and don’t want you to miss out on any opportunities because of a completely inflexible child sharing routine.  So please speak up if you want to go or do something, don’t feel like you can’t or shouldn’t, just because you know there’s already something else planned.    Please don’t settle.

We may not always have the exact same rules.  However, we’ve got the same themes when it comes to discipline and expectations for you and how you can contribute to the family unit.  I’m sorry that at times, even a subtle difference is enough to be annoying, especially at the end of a long week when everyone is tired and impatient.  Just know that we do discuss you all, and your strengths and weaknesses, with our intent to make our homes as consistent as possible.  No one is perfect though!

Thank-you for enjoying my cooking!  And please eat whatever your dad makes, he’s trying!  Pretty soon you’ll be able to cook a meal on your own and then you’ll know how much effort it takes to create a meal with love.  And how nice it is, when people appreciate a home cooked meal that lands in front of them when they are hungry!

We both go to your performances or big life events, so we can all share in your big moments!  Thank-fully both our jobs are flexible, so we can both be there for these exciting times!

Living in two houses has allowed your dad and me to explore who we are as independent people, and to reconnect with old hobbies and to tap into our own self, deeper than we ever have before.  Which in turn, has made us each happier on a personal level, than we have been in maybe forever.  I am sure that this will benefit you for a lifetime, in the way that we are able to show up for you kids.  It makes us more present for you.  And more patient.  And you'll have happy parents as role models.

And of course, let us know where we do fall short, so that we can work on improving things!  We are very proud of you kids and how you are growing more and more into yourselves with each passing day.  You are confident and curious and enjoy life, which is a joy to watch unfold! :)  So far so good!

 Much love,


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